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Medical Biochemistry Laboratory
Medical Biochemistry Laboratory-Department of Child Health and Diseases
Medical Biochemistry Laboratory-Substance Abuse, Toxicology Laboratory
Medical Microbiology Laboratory
Medical Pathology Laboratory
Department of Child Health and Diseases-Clinical Laboratory
Department of Parasitology-Clinical Laboratory 1
Department of Parasitology-Clinical Laboratory 2
Department of Internal Medicine-Clinical Laboratory
Tissue Typing Laboratory

Department of Brain Surgery

Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Acumen On Lymphedema Diagnosis and Laboratory

Diagnosis and Treatment Laboratory for Swallowing Disorders

Department of Chest Diseases

Sleep Lab

Allergy Laboratory

Department of Ophthalmology

Electrophysiology Laboratory

Ocular Surface Research Laboratory

Department of Ear Nose and Throat Diseases

Era test and Balance Disorders Laboratory

Objective Audiometry Laboratory

Phonias Laboratory

Newborn Hearing and Screening Laboratory

Audiometry Laboratory 1

Audiometry Laboratory 2

Audiometry Laboratory 3

Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Research and Application Unit

Biophysics Department

Department of Neurology

Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory

      Electromyography (EMG) Laboratory

      Electroencephalography (EEG) Laboratory

      Polysomnography (PSG) Laboratory

      Neurourology Laboratory

      Swallowing EMG Laboratory

      Magnetic stimulation Laboratory

Clinical Neuropsychology Laboratory

      Aphasia Test

      Right Hemisphere Function Tests

      Memory Tests

      Frontal Tests

      Praxis Tests

      Screening Tests for Cognitive Destruction

      Clinical Evaluation Scales for Cognitive Disposal

      Daily Living Activities Tests for Cognitive Destruction

Neurosensory Laboratory

      Neuro-otological examination

      Neuro-ophthalmological examination

      Pure tone audiometry

      Videonystagmographic recording of eye movements

      Caloric test (with videonystagmographic recording)

      Visual field examination with automatic perimeter

      Fundus photography

      Visual evoked potentials (VEP)

      Auditory evoked potentials (AEP)

      Somatosensory evoked potentials (SEP)

      Vestibular evoked potentials

      Event dependent potentials

      Static posturography

      Video head-impulse testing (vHIT)

      Functional head-impulse testing (fHIT)

      Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)



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