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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the documents that patients who are treated in our hospital due to work accident should complete?
- Copy of ID containing TR ID number (Click here if you forgot your TR ID Number)
- Referral sheet filled in by the employer with the occupational accident section.

During the application to the hospital, I was asked to show a photo identification document. Is this true?
In accordance with the article "3.1.2 Identification" of the Health Implementation Communiqué (SUT) of 2010, hospitals; The patient has to identify the patient with an identity card, driver's license, marriage certificate, passport or health card document issued by the Social Security Institution.

During the application to the hospital, it was said that SGK did not give approval (provision). What should I do?
It is necessary to apply to the Provincial Social Security Institution Directorate to obtain information about the reason and request its correction.

What should I do when the doctor gives a rest report after the examination?
Reports and councils at the entrance of the polyclinic must be registered in our unit.

I had IVF treatment in the IVF unit. A fee was requested as a contribution. Is it true?
In accordance with Article 3.2.4 of the 2010 Health Implementation Communiqué (SUT), a 30% contribution fee must be deposited in the 1st trial and 25% in the 2nd trial.

I made an appointment on the web page (Internet). Are there any documents I need to bring with me when I come?
T.R. You can apply with a photo identification document containing your identity number and a referral paper issued by another hospital, if any. In addition, it would be appropriate to bring the examination, results, report, film, etc. records related to your medical problem.

How can patients from other provinces apply to the hospital?
Our patients, other than green card holders, can apply to our hospital directly or by being referred from another health institution. Green card holders must apply with a patient referral form.

My doctor requested an examination, should I re-register when the results come out?
Registrations for the same branch are valid for 10 (ten) days, including the date of the first application. There is no need to open a referral to the same branch. In order to show results, learn the rules of the polyclinic you applied to. Patients who will show results may need to come by making an appointment at certain times and days.

I was transferred to your hospital from another province, what should I do to receive the travel and daily fees?
Ask the referring hospital to fill in the Annex-4/A (Patient Referral Form) document, which is an annex to the Health Implementation Communiqué. Ask the doctor of our hospital to fill out this referral document after the end of the treatment or examination. The patient referral form is different for our green card holders.

I had surgery at Ege University Hospital. The doctor called for a checkup. What should I do?
If there are any examinations or results requested by your physician, you should bring it with you, and if you came for the control within the first 15 days, you should remind the data-registrar that you have a control examination.

What are the documents that patients who are treated in our hospital due to a traffic accident should complete?
- Copy of ID with T.R.
- Copy of accident report
- Compulsory Traffic Insurance policy photocopy
- Copy of alcohol report result, if done
- Photocopy of Provisional Report or Forensic Report


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