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Required Documents for Polyclinic and Special Examination


  • SGK Retired, Bağkur Retired and Civil Servant Retired, only TR Identity document,
  • Green Card holders; Referral from the State Hospital to the department where he/she wants to be examined,
  • Military employees, spouses and dependents; referral from the 600-bed Air Hospital to which it is affiliated,
  • Referral from military civil servants, photocopy of report card from his wife and dependents,
  • TR Identity Document for children under the age of 18 and Veterans,
  • Er-Erbaşlar report card photocopy,
  • Students who do not have social security from Medico, affiliated with Ege University, must come by referral.
  • Ege University Faculty of Medicine Staff referred,
  • In traffic accidents; accident report,
  • From Judicial Cases; An official letter from the court is required.

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