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Ege University Faculty of Medicine, which was established in accordance with the Law No. 6595 on the establishment of a University in Izmir with the name "Ege University", which was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on May 20, 1955, and the decision of the Ministry of National Education, is one of the first two faculties of Ege University. Ord. prof. Dr. Muhiddin EREL left his position at the Istanbul University Hygiene Chair and came to Izmir and was appointed by the Ministry of National Education at E.Ü. He was appointed as the founding Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

The founders of our university started education at Ege University Faculty of Medicine with a ceremony held on 5 November 1955 in a very short time organized in the building allocated to the University in August 1955, when they were appointed. Thus, education began at Ege University Faculty of Medicine in the 1955-1956 academic year with 90 students, 20 of whom were foreign nationals, whose high school graduation degrees and application order were taken into account. Education continued in Bornova Regional Agricultural School with the students of the Faculty of Agriculture and in the rapidly constructed temporary buildings and half-cylindrical barracks provided by the military units. İhsan Kazandı, who was the first student to enroll in the faculty, worked at the University's Medico Social Services Center after graduating in 1961.


Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital From Establishment to Present


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