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Transactions of Paid - Contracted Institution Patients



Public Health Services Price Tariff for Paid Patients is applied to the institutions with which agreements are made within the scope of the protocol.

Members of the Contracted Institutions below can come to our hospital by making an appointment by calling (232) 3904105.

A) TBMM (Members, former members of the Legislative Body, those who have been appointed from the outside, their ministerial duties and their dependents)

B) TSK (Turkish Armed Forces members)



For transactions not covered by the Social Security Institution (SGK) and for people whose treatment fees are not paid by the SGK, a fee is charged over the Public Health Services Sales Tariff.

Medical procedures performed for aesthetic purposes with employees and dependents in banks, Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Industry, Stock Exchanges, etc. are also considered within this scope.


Public Health Services Price Schedule for Paid Patients


Social Security Institution Health Implementation Communiqué



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