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1- Please do not insist on visiting the patient in special cases that the doctor does not allow.
2- Make the patient visit between 13.30 - 14.30 hours.
3- The duration of the visit should be short, not exceeding 7 - 8 minutes.
4- Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to visit patients.
5- People with weak immune systems should not visit patients.
6- There should not be more than two visitors at each patient and should not be spoken loudly enough to disturb other patients.
7- Patients should not sit on their beds, and should not be touched at the bedside or in the hospital environment.
8- Hands should be washed before and after the visit.
9- Live flowers should not be brought to patients as they may cause some health problems.
10- Do not bring food as a gift without the permission of the doctor when visiting.
11- Books, colognes, etc. for patient visits. can be brought.
12- Nothing should be eaten or drunk at the bedside, and no food should be given to other patients staying in the same room.
13- Patient privacy should be respected.
14- During the visit, demoralizing words and behaviors should be avoided.
15- At the end of the visiting hour, patients should leave the rooms without waiting for the warnings of the staff.
16- It is not allowed to visit patients outside the specified hours.



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